Vyenyera Shyndaulyet

November 10, 2022

Communications Officer

Vyenyera holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan. She holds Bachelor's in International Economic Relations from the National University of Mongolia and Business Administration in Accounting from the University of Finance and Economics of Mongolia. Prior to joining UNDP, she worked as a Media Monitoring Officer at Oyu Tolgoi and Communications Officer at Thiess, Australian Mining Contractor, in charge of communications, marketing and event management and community engagement. She was involved in community projects aimed at reducing poverty by creating jobs and small businesses especially for parents of children with disabilities and offering computer literacy courses to youth with disabilities which would enable the you to work from distance and earn money. She also established a tour agency based in western aimag of Mongolia with an aim to create more jobs for locals by attracting foreign travelers. Vyenyera is passionate about projects which creates more jobs to reduce unemployment and poverty.