The Solution

September 18, 2020


Sustainable pasture management will ensure the nation’s long-term socioeconomic stability and resilience. Numerous NGOs, projects and intervention programs around “sustainable cashmere” are active in Mongolia to help address the issue but used different approaches and ways of measuring impact. This makes things difficult for buyers and brands to have clarity and confidence on what is the best approach to follow to ensure sourcing of cashmere is meeting their sustainability requirements. 

  UNDP Mongolia with the support of UNDP Green Commodities Program recognized the need to introduce sustainability measures into cashmere sector and initiated innovative Sustainable Cashmere Platform with the overarching objective to position Mongolia as a global leader for sustainable cashmere. But despite the progress made through standards and supply chain initiatives, weaknesses in the underlying enabling environment limit change at a larger scale.
Improving the enabling environments will increase the chances of sector-wide change to work towards sustainable production practices.