Sustainable Cashmere Producer Awards

January 31, 2023

The Mongolian Sustainable Cashmere Platform is organizing a 'NATIONAL SUSTAINABLE CASHMERE DAY' for the first time to showcase and promote sustainable practices of the cashmere value chain in the country. In this regard, we are announcing Sustainable Cashmere Producer Awards among the national companies to identify best practices according to the following four categories. Cashmere factories are encouraged to apply for the following categories:

1. Responsible energy consumption (energy, heat, steam)

2. Responsible water consumption (clean water, grey water, chemicals)

3. Proper waste management (innovation, waste recycling)

4. Improved value chain and cooperation with herders

Follow the link for detailed requirements of each category. 

Interested companies should prepare their documents with evidence according to the requirements of each category and submit them via

Deadline has been extended until 7 February 2023.

Contact details: 8010-2865, 99906998