"Sustainability in the Cashmere Sector" conference to be held in September

June 20, 2021

The Sustainable Fibre Alliance will be hosting a two-part conference to explore sustainability in the cashmere sector. The conference will be held from 8-11th of September for the Ulaanbaatar Conference and from 14-16th for Virtual Conference. 

With one-third of Mongolia’s population dependent on the cashmere industry, and the stability of the sector in China and Mongolia being threatened by decreasing prices, higher demand, and environmental degradation, committing to better practice is urgent and essential.

Both the Virtual and Ulaanbaatar Conferences will explore the challenges facing the cashmere sector in China and Mongolia as well as solutions for a better – more sustainable – path forward. Through live speaker sessions and a host of on-demand videos recorded by stakeholders along the entire cashmere supply chain, we will tackle four key themes; Sustainable Design, Animal Welfare, Environment, and Herder Livelihood.

Visit the conference website to learn more.

Source: Sustainable Fibre Alliance