Responsible Cashmere Roundtable by Textile Exchange demonstrated the importance of land management, animal welfare and transparency

December 15, 2020

Responsible Cashmere Roundtable meeting has been held in early December, organized by Textile Exchange. During this virtual Roundtable meeting, CEO & Founder of SFA, Una Jones shared her insights on how COVID19 and Climate change are impacting the cashmere value chain & herder/farmer livelihoods in Mongolia and China. 

Cashmere comes with a host of sustainability issues that impact the areas of animal welfare, the environment, and societies, particularly in Mongolia. In response to interest and queries from brands, Textile Exchange facilitated the Responsible Cashmere Round Table (RCRT) to better understand the issues and opportunities surrounding cashmere production, as well as to have a common voice in the development of a market-based solution.

Mongolian Sustainable Cashmere Platform has been highlighted during the Roundtable discussion as its Dialogue, consultation, consensus building roles to accelerate sustainable cashmere efforts in Mongolia. 

Source: Textile Exchange, Sustainable Fibre Alliance