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2018-2019 DESIGN PHASE

March 2018

Pilot UNDP project on sustainable cashmere value chain commenced

June 2019

Multi-stakeholder Conference The Case Of Sustainable Cashmere In Mongolia. – System Change

September 2019

Consultation meeting on draft road map 

October 2019 – March 2020

Road Map for the establishment of Mongolia’s Multistakeholder Sustainable Cashmere Platform finalized/disseminated


April – May 2020

MSCP Steering and Advisory Committees established, TWGs being formed

June 2020

Consensus on Sustainability TWG formed 

June 2020

International Market Sector Advisory Group formed

June 2020

Covid-19 Recovery TWG formed

August 2020

Cashmere Sector Recovery from Covid-19 – System thinking workshop

June - November

Draft on Consensus on Sustainability ongoing upon consultation between CoS and MSA TWGs 

June - November

Covid-19 Recovery TWG output: Real collective actions being piloted

October 2020 – on a regular basis

Bi-weekly Early Rise Cashmere Series – safe space to discuss sustainable cashmere with every interested party. 

October 2020

Virtual meetings on sustainable cashmere facilitated between herders and international brands

October – December 2020

Comparative analysis of current Sustainable cashmere standards, certifications, compliance efforts in Mongolia.

Benchmarking with international best practice. 

Introducing sustainability criteria into relevant Mongolian cashmere standards (phased approach).

January 2021

First Plenary meeting among multi-stakeholders

Q1 2021

National Collective Action Plan Formulation

Q2 2021

Action Plan Finalization Financing longterm activities


2022 - 2027

Collective Action and Investment Monitoring and Evaluation, Embedding and Adapting