Market Sector Advisory Group, First Meeting 2023

February 09, 2023

Several brand representatives such as Schneider Group, Patagonia, Burberry, Alex Begg, Chanel, Esprit and representatives of Mongolia’s National Federation of Pasture Users Group and UK based Textile Exchange participated in the first Market Sector Advisory Meeting of 2023.

Platform introduced its 2023 annual work plan to the brands. The platform is planning to organize National Sustainable Cashmere Day event and Traceability work to be done at the project sites of The Improving Adaptive Capacity and Risk Management of Rural Communities in Mongolia (ADAPT) project and creating a content promoting Mongolian cashmere towards international market.

Textile Exchange also introduced their project being developed in Mongolia to include cashmere as one of the Preferred Fiber Matrix. TE is currently working on how to connect fashion brands with Mongolian sustainable cashmere. TE also provided update on how to harmonize standards with Mongolia and especially Responsible Nomad traceability.

Global brands would like to know more about the sustainability progresses being made in cashmere sector of Mongolia. Parties discussed further collaboration and needs regarding sustainable cashmere sourcing from Mongolia.

Representative of Alex Begg said that fiber certification has become a hot topic for the last year and a half. The importance of having a fiber certification means that it has been traced. If Mongolian cashmere should be sold somewhere outside of Mongolia, there needs to be a stamped certification proving that the product has been traced and certified.