Best Herder and Herder Organization Award-2022

November 09, 2022

Mongolian Sustainable Cashmere Platform announces, “Best Herder and Herder Organization Award-2022”. The Platform is planning to organize 'National Sustainable Cashmere Day' for the first time to support and encourage herders and herder organizations that are contributing to the development of the sustainable cashmere value chain and share their best practices. In the anticipation of the event, we will be selecting the best herders and herder organizations in the following categories:

1. A herder organization implementing sustainable pasture management -

2. A herder family well-prepared for the winter and ensured the well-being of livestock -

3. A herder family who improved the quality of raw materials and improved livestock breed -

4. Young herdsman or herdswoman -

Follow the link for detailed requirements of each category. 

The Platform is a national-level umbrella mechanism with collaborative leadership that adopts a comprehensive and systematic strategy to tackle key sectoral challenges. The Platform collaborates with a range of stakeholders to produce and implement a Collective Action Plan for sustainable cashmere. 


Contact: 8010-2865